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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Greene County Technical Education Center!

At the heart of a quality education resides life-changing experiences. That's why at Greene County Technical Education Center we strive to provide a hands-on, engaging learning environment for all of our students. We believe that students who enter higher education, trade schools, or the workforce should do so with a solid background in a number of Career & Technical Education courses. Our educators at GCTEC understand that students learn best by truly experiencing their course of study. In order to get the most from our courses, students must move beyond the textbook and into the field they are studying by participating in classroom labs, work-study opportunities, and job-based apprenticeships.

By offering a wide variety of programs, from nursing to computer programming to automotive technology and beyond, we ensure our students are given a multitude of opportunities to learn and grow within their interests. By allowing our students to move away from their desks and into the community, we also help students make connections that help solidify the pathway from the classroom to their chosen careers. Our programs are designed to provide opportunities for students to earn industry credentials, earn real-world application skills, and build professional portfolios they can take with them beyond graduation.

Whatever your given interest might be, GCTEC takes the opportunity to help you carve out your path seriously. We are passionate about seeing our students discover their dream careers, and we look forward to supporting that dream in every way that we can.


Jess Peregoy


Principal, Greene County Technical Education Center
Director of Career & Technical Education
10415 Spotswood Trail
Stanardsville, VA 22973
(434) 939-9005